Huge Catfish

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Two anglers fishing in Bluebell lakes near Oundle, Northamptonshire have landed a fish that can only be described as enormous!

The fish, a catfish weighed in at 108lb 4oz (49kg) and was landed by Daniel Sibley and his fishing friend Aaron Johnson on their Sunday trip to the lakes.


Daniel is from Blaby in Leicestershire and it took him 2 hours to tire the fish out and during the catch he ended up being dragged neck deep into the lake. Mr Sibley said: “I was exhausted. It took me for a right merry dance.”

Using a line with a breaking strain of just 8lb it took two landing nets and it was so big it took both Aaron and Daniel to hold the fish for the photo.

“Everybody mucked in to help us and we got some nice snaps. It was so slimy – it was like holding an eel, but so much bigger.” Said Daniel, who at some points during the battle was dragged out of his depth and had to doggy paddle his way until he could find the bottom of the lake again.

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