Fishing Boat Charter from Cardiff Bay

One of the most pleasing things about visiting or living in Cardiff as a fisherman is that there is a large variety of manners to enjoy the sport a fishing boat charter being one of them.

Being a major Port on the Bristol Channel means that there is plenty of choice to take a fishing boat charter with three marinas in Cardiff Bay to choose from.

If you want to take a fishing boat charter you are almost certainly going to have a good day out and the chances are you will end up with good catch as well.

The Bristol channel is on of the most tidal regions in the world so taking a fishing boat charter will nearly always bring you a productive day, irrespective of the time of year.

The Bristol Channel is famous for its Cod but you also need to remember that with 3 islands in the Bristol Channel, Steepholm Flatholm and Lundy the variation in habitat and depth mean that Conger, Bass, several Rays, Smoothounds and Tope are also available.

The Cod season starts towards the end of August and continues to mid May.

Optimum fishing is October to January, followed by March and April (spring run) where fish feed up before migrating to the Irish Sea for summer.


Fishing Boat Charter Cost and Equipment

Fishing boat charter will probably cost of the order of £50.00 per person, hire of rod and other equipment would cost a little more and of course don’t forget your bait. Typical bait for the channel might include Lugworm, Ragworm, Mackerel, Herring and Sprats, Squid, Peeler Crab, Sandeel. The skipper of your fishing boat charter can advise you and even get the bait for you. The wrigglier the better ! There is no refund on unused bait.


Fishing Boat Charter Opportunities


Escape charters

Penarth Marina

Wayne Cook

(Office) 01633 660488

(Boat) 07890 782344

Email: –


NIK-I-LOU – Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Charter Fishing Boat Charter

Telephone Steve: – Boat 07976 444569 or Office: – 01446 736735

Email: –


PHAT CAT Charters based in Cardiff (Penarth)Fishing Boat Charter - Phat Cat Charters

Cardiff Marine, Watkiss Way, Cardiff. CF11 0SF

Craig the Skipper on 07814 941932

Free secure parking.


Anchorman ChartersFishing boat charter-Anchorman Charters

Telephone: 01446 403168
Mobile: 07974 101 888


Anchorman III Charters
184 Colcot Road
Vale of Glamorgan
CF62 8UJ


DevOcean Fishing Charters, CardiffFishing boat charter - dev-ocean-charter

Alan Mobile: 07989748701



White Water Charters

Based at Milford Haven in Pembrokshire and Penarth Marina in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales.

Tel: 01446 710815

Mob: 07970 936443

You may not always be able to contact me on the mobile if the boat is out, the best time to call is between 6pm and 9pm.




To book your trip call 07855714590 or drop me an e-mail look forward to seeing you soon 😉

My email address is

Regards Salvatore



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