Swimbait Set Up…im Confused!

If you want some advice on swim bait set up then there is a good thread on this forum

Swimbait setup

There is an extract below, it is based in the states but quite useful !

swimbait setup

A swimbait is just another lure, the difference is it’s size and weight, few other fresh water bass lures weigh over 2 oz up to 10 oz. you can’t cast these heavy lures with small diameter line or short rods not designed to load up and launch a heavy lure with ease……


The IPT is the deal. You spool up with 20-25# mono diameter line, and at the start of your retrieve you’re pulling in say 14 inches per handle turn instead of the 24″ that your reel manufacturer stated. You get longer casts with a bigger spool too, if you like 40-50 yard casts. That said, apparently in Japan, they use 200 size reels but they also use lighter line. Much lighter, in fact. Shimano 300 size (or equivalent) for 15-20# diameter line, Shimano 400 size (or equivalent) for 25-30# diameter line should work well.

P.S. A Dobyns 867 and a Cardiff 401 spooled with 30# PF threw an 8″ weedless hudd pretty far today, definitely much farther than I think I can set that d**n thick gauge hook at.

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