Cardiff Sea Fishing from boat or foreshore


Cardiff Sea Fishing

Cardiff Foreshore

One of the most popular beach sea fishing sites in the area is the Cardiff Foreshore. Despite it not being the most attractive venue, the fishing is often excellent throughout the year and access is relatively easily compared with other locations.

Species at Cardiff Foreshore vary and include masses of whiting during the autumn/winter period, excellent cod fishing, as well as silver eels, flounder, conger ells, mullet and bass. Daylight fishing can be good but night fishing tends to be more productive with the mark being fished approx. three hours either side of high water. Use frozen mackerel for whiting, ragworm or black lug tipped with squid for most other species including cod on a paternoster rig.
Turn off the A48M at the Cardiff Docks exit and follow the signs around Rover Way to the dock entrance. Park on the approach road to the dock security gates and the foreshore is a short walk away.

Offshore Sea Fishing

During the past few years, both the Cardiff & Penarth areas have become regarded as one of the best rod and line cod fisheries in the United Kingdom. With large numbers of wrecks lying on the seabed in the Bristol Channel, within a couple of hours you can be fishing in some of the best fishing grounds around.


Some of the more noted areas include The Monkstone, the Cardiff Grounds sand banks, The Ledge off Sully Island, One Fathom Bank off Barry Island and an area next to Flat Holm Island. All are reachable by using one of the many fishing charter boats, such as Escape Charters, Anchorman Charters, Devocean Charters, which operate out of both Cardiff and Penarth, as are other well known areas such as Nash Sands and even Lindy Island off the Devon coast during the summer when the weather permits.

Species available off the coast of Cardiff and the aforementioned fishing grounds include Cod, Monkfish, Turbot, Smoothound, Pollack, Huss, Conger, Mackarel as well as many types of rays, and shark which average around 100lbs and can be taken over 200 lbs.


A Threat to Sea Fishing?

If you happened to visit the Gower in July 2014 you may have come across a shocking site. Judith Oakley was doing just such a thing visiting Pwll Du beach .
Sadly she found 55 small sharks of many differing kinds Smoothhounds and cat sharks amongst them.

commonsmoothhound shark

The reason for this is the fishing method called bottom trawling, where huge nets with heavy weights rip across the sea floor bottom and capture anything that happens to be there.

Events such as these have been increasing in recent years and stir anger in sea fishermen as the young animals simply die and are discarded and thrown overboard.

sharksonbeach 500

The removal of one layer of sea life inevitably affects all the other species of marine sea life and threatens the marine environment of the Bristol Channel.

Cardiff Tackle Shops

As fishing is a popular pastime in Cardiff, there are a number of tackle shops in the city which cater for all types off angling, including sea fishing, coarse, fly fishing and game fishing. Some of the more well known and reputable are…

Anglers Supplies
172 Penarth Rd

Tel: 02920 220723 Opening times: 9.00am – 5.30pm Monday to Saturday. Closed Sunday.

Garry Evans Fishing Tackle
105-109 Whitchurch Road
CF14 3JQ

Tel: 02920 692968 or 02930 619828 Opening times: 8.00am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday. 7.00am – 5.30pm Saturday. Closed Sunday.

Arthur Bale & Sons

166 A Richmond Road, Cardiff, South Glamorgan. CF24 3BX

Tel: 02920 499889

Opening times: 9am – 5.00pm Monday to Saturday. Closed Sunday.

Cardiff Bay fishing

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