Monster Carp

Monster Giant Carp In Cardiff East Bute Dock

Many of us have driven down to Cardiff Bay to have a quiet meal out to celebrate a birthday or simply to catch a film at the Red Dragon centre. As we travel down with the steels works on one side and East bute Dock on the other side I for one have often wondered what the dock would have it looked like when full of cold barges and trains that made cardiff so famous.

This patch of water can now be viewed in a completely different light as it is now known to be the home of a massive 40lb grass carp!

Cardiff fishing - monster carp
A father and son who just intended to have a peaceful weekend fishing in Cardiff were amazed to land this £40 monster giant carP
Tudor Prosser and his son Logan now hold the record for grass carp, that is, if those records existed. Grass carp are not native to the UK so catches are not officially recorded.

Unofficial records put the largest grass Carp landed in Great Britain as 52 lbs 8 oz last summer, August, in Berkshire 2012.
Though if you want a true monster you have to visit Alabama in the USA where a 73lb fish was landed.

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