Fishing Belt Buckles

If you are a keen fisherman then sometimes you need to let the world know about your pastime. I recently discovered that you can get a whole range of fishing belt buckles that have fishermen on them or a range of fish. So if your favourite fish is Perch you can have a belt buckle with a Perch on it!

Fishing Belt Buckles - Trout


Fishing Belt Buckles - Pike


Fishing Belt Buckles - Fish in net

Fish in Net

Fishing Belt Buckles - Perch







Specific Fishing Belt Buckles

If you are an outdoor hunting, shooting fishing type you may well be interested in the wild west. There is a whole range of western belt buckles dedicated to this genre, ranging from wild west legends such as Jesse James to Native American war dances.

If you are a foreshore fisherman or take a trip into the Channel occasionally the there are fishing belt buckles depicting cod. Or if you spend more time sitting at the side of the excellent carp ponds in Cardiff the you might like a specific carp fishing belt buckle.

Fishing Belt Buckles - Carp


Fishing Belt Buckles - Cod







There are generic fishing belt buckles that just have a slogan or a typified image of a fisherman up to the top of his waders holding his prize fish, so heavy he can nearly stand, this is of course typical of all fishing that takes place every weekend !!

Fishing Belt Buckles - I fish therefore I am

If you want to buy one there are some excellent sites for sporting belt buckles

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  1. Barry Brunger /

    Can you recommend a site for an attractive carp buckle where a belt can be purchased also. I’ve looked at quite a few that start off with a carp then change to trout, perch, bass, or salmon. I would like the buckle properly fitted to a nice belt.

  2. Fishadmin / Post Author

    By far the best range and quality can be found here they used to be wholesale only but are now retailing. The buckles fit standard 11/2 inch belts. The best range of belts, some really nice embossed ones are available here

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