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Fly fishing – Ynysyfro Reservoir

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Fly fishing - Ynysfro ResevoirsAt the age of 90 years, Geoff Harrhy is stepping down from the committee of Newport Reservoirs Fly Fishing Association and rounded off his duties at the AGM when he announced his retirement after many years of service to the Association and also his intention to carry on fishing at the reservoir when the new season opens in March.

His position on the committee has been taken by Terry O’Connor.

All other committee positions remain the same; but Dave Boyatt was elected to serve as Recording Officer and Ann Kean takes over as General Secretary.

The meeting agreed that membership and joining fees should remain the same at £25 and £10 and also confirmed participation in the 2015 Troutmaster competition.

The new committee will meet in December with its priority being to decide stocking policy and member’s permit and boat prices for the new season. All existing and new members will receive full details of the Association’s plans in January’s annual newsletter; membership can be renewed from January 1 and the Annual Social Evening is on Friday, February 27 at 7.30pm at Risca Rugby Club. Fly fishing in Basseleg

Fly fishing – Ravensnest Fishery

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Fly fishing - Ravensnest FisheryA bloodworm nymph was responsible for the week’s biggest fish, a 10lb rainbow caught and returned by Tintern teenager Jasper VanDalen who also hooked eight more fish to 3lb on their fly fishing visit.

Brecon brothers Dave and Ken Edwards also used bloodworm nymphs for a total of 29 trout caught and returned as did Richard Greenhough as he topped the catch and release scores with 21 rainbows to 2.5lb. Roger Jones, from Cwmbran, connected with 19 fish when he switched between a buzzer and a short shank nymph and Rogiet fly fisherman Dave Carren caught his 10 trout on various colour buzzers.

Rob Hall and Bob Dalgleish came from Crickhowell to catch and release 10 and 13 fish and Chris Dobbs tempted seven to rise to take a dry fly.

Father and son Wayne and Lee Evans returned eight rainbows; Tony Hancock netted five and Nigel Johnson four.

Hywel Phillips went away with a four fish 9lb bag; brothers Peter and Ian Jones shared a five fish 11lb bag and Dave Conran, Paul O’Connor and Keith Davies all left with a 5lb brace of rainbows in their bags. Fly fishing spread evenly ! Fly fishing in Tintern

Fly fishing – Cwm Hedd Lakes

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Fly fishing - Cwm Hedd Lakes BasselegCardiff Reservoirs Fly Fishing Club picked the one day when the lake was flat calm for the Ken Sharman Shield competition and it was hard work to tempt the trout.

Keith Higgins carried off the trophy with three rainbows weighing 10lb; Dave Pocket also had three for 9lb and second place and Dave Bond was third with two weighing 4lb.

The previous day a ripple on the water had kept the rods bending and several anglers made use of the new rule that allows 10 fish to be released after the first one caught has gone in the bag.

Ken Pascoe hit the limit using a bloodworm nymph as did Colin Poole while Jason Williams did it with a tadpole pattern fly.

Bernie Davies will remember his first visit to the Bassaleg fishery after he landed two rainbows over 8lb and a smaller fish made Darren Evans’s day when it was his first ever on a fly.

Ken Bowring, from Ely, fished on through torrential rain for nine trout averaging 2lb and Bob Cook used a cat’s whisker with a floating line to get 10 on the hook.

Roger Martin, from Taffs Well, retained one rainbow and released seven and a 4lb fish was the best of eight netted by Kieron Jenkins.

Poppy Fish winner Matthew Russell was back on the lake and into fish as seven came to an orange booby and his 11-year-old son Callum added one more caught on the same fly.

Ladies International Sally-Ann Iles retained one trout and put back four as did Paul Elsworthy who was using a Montana nymph.

A yellow blob fly worked for Adrian Porter as he kept two fish and returned four while an orange version gave Daniel Townsend one for the table and two to go back into the lake. Graham Davies tied on a damsel nymph and went on to hook eight rainbows; the good sized rainbow John Belcher banked fell for an Apps bloodworm and it was a standard bloodworm tying for Mark Porteous and Craig Bowles with five fish each and David Smith with three.

Entries are now being taken for the Boxing Day competition and the £20 entry includes a bacon roll, coffee, tea and cake and the captors of the four heaviest trout will win day tickets.

Fly fishing – Sevenoaks Fishery

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Fly fishing - Sevenoaks FisheryCatch and release fly fishing has started and Paul Watkins, from Beddau, put back four rainbows between 2lb and 6lb when he fished with small lures.

Bernard Davies, from Pontyclun, returned rainbows weighing 2lb, 3lb and 4lb; James Rosier hooked four to 4lb on a small dry fly and Sussex visitor John Baines hooked five to 4.5lb on buzzers.

Fly fishing – Bigwell Fly Fishery

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The 8lb rainbow David Llewellyn caught using a cat’s whisker lure was fish of the week at the Redbrook pools.

Fly fishing - Big Well Fly FisheryScott Harvey and Lloyd Isgrove both reached the 10 fish catch and release limit using fritz flies while eight rainbows to 2.5lb came to a daddy longlegs pattern cast by John Evans.  Alex Harvey, Keith Forton and Paul Brown all caught their six fish on damsel nymphs and that pattern fly was used by Jack Drew for his five fish 11lb bag.

Ian Parry netted five rainbows over 2lb after he covered their surface feeding with a small black dry fly and Peter Hughes found a black buzzer worked as he put together a five fish 12lb bag. The Bowers family-Owen, Stuart and Graham-left with five rainbows weighing 12lb.

Fly fishing – Canada Lakes

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Fly fishing - Canada LakesJASON Williams, from Pontypridd, had two good visits when he caught well on a black lure and floating line pulled quickly through the water.

The first fly fishing session produced six brown trout and four rainbows and 10 rainbows on the second visit.

Bernie Davies also used a lure for his catch of 11 rainbows and it was the same method for Ken Roberts and Kevin Davies with eight fish each and Dave Thomas who bagged two good fish.

Fly fishing – Brookfield Fishery

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Fly fishing - Brookfield FisheryThe Ynysybwl lake is fishing well and with no catch and release allowed most visitors are going away with either two or four fish bags and many of the rainbows are over 4.5lb.  Jason Williams used a buzzer under a strike indicator for his four fish 14lb bag while the same technique but with a bloodworm brought Ken Roberts four weighing 11lb.

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